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I put together this site for a lot of reasons, but mainly I want to share what I've learned over the past 25 years and my love of trading.

That's me with my little people.

Feel free to contact me with questions or requests.
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Trade and Think like a Professional Trader by TL LeBlanc aka Cousin Vinny

Vinny’s new book is out. This volume contains 260 pages of valuable scholarship, critical analysis and thought provoking information for the new through advanced trader. Illustrated with countless examples, charts, diagrams and graphics. We share our strategies, in an entire chapter devoted to those we use to make profitable day and swing trades every day. The author takes you through mentoring sessions that teach you the techniques he’s used for the past 27 years to successfully navigate the markets.

Author’s Note: This book was originally written for my children, so that they might learn the art of trading from someone that they can trust.
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About Cousin Vinny
Cousin Vinny is the internet pseudonym for TLLeBlanc, Architect who started trading in 1987. Practicing Architecture for over 30 years, Mr. LeBlanc found the technical aspects of building, design and construction prepared him well for fundamental and technical analysis.

He is a family man, a native of New Orleans, currently residing in New Jersey.
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We have a simple mission. We wish to make profitable trading and investing a core part of every "newbie" trader.

Knowledge is power and with trading, being able to act quickly, with forethought is a critical component to success.

We wish to educate new traders in the process of recognizing and executing high probability setups, entries and exits.