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Strategy Based Trading "LIVE" During Market Hours


We offer LIVE broadcasting during market hours, supported by a LIVE Trading Room, featuring Instant Trade Alerts to your mobile device. In addition, you receive the following:Weekly Video News Letter and a Watch List to start the week. We present our ideas in video format for members, highlighting bullish and bearish market conditions, as well as overlying macro data to help support trading decisions.We review potential trade setups for the week ahead and we follow up with a Daily BLOG POST, reviewing new positions and/or existing trades. Whether you are looking to day trade or scalp the market, swing trade for days or weeks or looking for income trades that will support your lifestyle, we cover it all for $29.99 per month. Click the image below for more information.

TCP LIVE Broadcasts


"You are a great teacher. Love your live broadcast. Few people on this earth have your knowledge and remain humble, especially on Wall Street. We are all blessed to know you and learn from you. I have learned so much from your show this week. Thank you so much." - Corey

"If a picture is worth a thousand words, then one live trading session video is worth a thousand standard training videos. - Mike B

"I have the ACOR trade with you, total income $1400. I can live with that. Thank you so much sir" - Nick P

"Thanks for the live commentary this week, it was very educational with the information on covered calls. Everything came across very clear too, now that you are broadcasting during market hours." - LA

"Made $1200 on the ACOR covered call play...dumped shares as it looks to be rolling over. Exited the VRX play, realized it was too risky....still made $75 on it. Will bank $2200 on NLKR if shares are called ... net share cost was $12.8. I'm getting there...thanks for the help!" - Jeff

"You did good today - it's definitely easier to follow you on live stream. I told a couple my friends to join. You have started a movement my friend!" - Alex from Brooklyn NYC

"Thanks for the welcome, that was nice of you! A friend of mine has been following you casually for over a year. He finally joined you as a member 1-2 weeks ago and has nothing but great things to say. So now I'm here to!" - Bruce S

"What do you think Vinny? You are probably the best SPY trader here. This rally has beaten me into a bloody pulp. Any hope for Bears in sight?" - Sky

"Learned nuances to help my trading, as I watch you trade LIVE during market hours. Now I can relax, not having to dissect every single tick. Just watching execution in real time is helping my execution immensely. Real time trading provides that extra edge no training video can provide. Thanks so much" - RB from San Francisco

"First of all congrats on your book. Purchased it last week, have read it once and reading it a second time. It helped to make some things more clear to me. I do appreciate all the effort you are put into your mentoring us during market hours. I admire your logical approach in which you post your observations and try to exclude any opinion." - Werner R Netherlands

"I must say that I admire your skills and discipline. It's hard to find people like you, giving back to community without expecting something in return. I have known you for a very longtime since I was a member at day-trading radio (May 2009- May 2012). Particularly when RPM had a show with you Trader Spotlight. Since then I started admiring your skills and followed you." - MAV from Toronto

"Your book has helped me connect the dots. Your approach and method of teaching is exactly what I needed to elevate my trading to the next level. In addition, the strategy section has open my eyes to a whole new way of approaching trade entry and exit. Thanks so much." - Qi Chen Hong Kong

"Just wanted to let you know, I have been following you for years. After reading your book, many things have begun to make sense. I plan to join your LIVE trading room soon. Grazie." - G Tutino Palermo Italy

"Hey Vinny thanks for everything you do. I really enjoy your wealth of knowledge and how willing you are to share it for such a reasonable price. Happy New Year to you and your family. Looking forward to a new year of investing with everyone. I love the family likeness in the chatroom, with everyone learning from each other and everyone working together. Cheers!" - Tony W. British Columbia

"Vinny, Interested in your trading room. What is the cost of joining? Do you provide lifetime membership? -- Have a great day!" - D Chan Long Island

"Hi Vinny, I was hoping to join your service. Can you please tell me how? I found out about your site from the Wyckoff study room and the many positive comments from those who follow your methods." Thanks - Amir